Northern Cardinal, male

Seen this afternoon in the backyard set up. Attracted by peanuts.
My wife found this stick on the lake trail and carried it about a mile or so back to the house for me :slight_smile: :heart:

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C, tripod
ISO 400, f10, 1/640s

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Wonderful picture of a gorgeous bird – sharp with great color and tonal detail. The perch is excellent!

Hi Allen
The light on this Cardinal, really bring out the red coloring, wind detail and eye contact. I hope you gave a good tip to the prop manager. The perch really adds to this photo.

A lovely Cardinal image, Allen. It’s nice to have a spouse that will collect perches for you-mine does the same thing.

A perch wrangler! How excellent. As is the photo. Looks like a young male based on the beak color. I miss these guys. Since moving to WI I haven’t seen a single one after having several pairs around the yard in NH. I love it when they have little spats to settle territory. Eventually things settle down.