Northern Forest Foliage in Autumn

This is an ICM image of fall foliage in Michigan’s UP. What drew me to this is the reds and yellows densely mixed together.

Specific Feedback Requested

All of your thoughts are welcomed.

As I showed this around to friends and family, they either like or dismissive of it. How does this work as a subject? Would you crop it? Does the green foliage add or take away from the photo?

Technical Details

Canon 5D IV | EF70-200 @ 144mm | f32 | 0.4s ISO 100
Processed using ACR and Photoshop

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Hi David – I like the colors and the textures in this photo but do find it a bit simple in terms of the composition. I don’t mind the green in the upper third but think I would crop off the lower fourth. I do not think those darker tones and colors add to the composition overall. Without the lower portion, it becomes more of a study in texture and more abstract, at least in my view. I think it is a more successful photograph with the crop.

Generally, I think these kinds of photos that rely on simplicity often work better in collections. So, if you had a collection of fifteen similar photos, each one would amplify the others in the collection. So, I’d encourage you to consider working on some companion pieces if you are enjoying this type of work. This could work well as part of a grouping of photos with similar colors in particular.

Here is the crop I am suggesting, along with some desaturation. Some of the oranges and reds looked a little hot in your original. With some desaturation, the texture comes through a bit more.

Thank you for taking time to review my photo. Your insight provided me with what was bothering about this photo. The darker bottom distracts from the rest of the photo. I just couldn’t see it.

As you suggested, I can see this photo as part of a group. I’ll work on building a group as time permits.

The photos I posted were taken, in part, to expand my photographic learning experience. I actually like the photos, but friends and family were lukewarm when I showed them the photos. I guess ICM/abstract/impressionism isn’t for everyone. I will be taking more ICM photos in the future.