Northern Harrier-Repost

The hawk was hunting during a high tide. You can see tidal water has flooded into the marsh. The water drives the voles up and onto vegetation mounds. I am standing on a dike.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
R5, 500mm + 1.4 ext., f/5.6, 1/1600, ISO 800, tripod. LR and Topaz Denoise AI, cropped to 50% of full width.

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I like the environmental aspect and the nice wing position. Would have liked for a larger view to get a clearer look at the head. Detail looks good.

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Attractive birdscape with the blue strip at the top and typical Harrier habitat. Just enough of the head.

Thanks @Dan_Kearl and @Allen_Brooks for the comments. Allen when you click on the image does it get bigger? When I click on it nothing happens.

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Hello David, Great environmental shot. I wish we could see more of the bird but been there and done that. I clicked on your photo and it does not enlarge. Have a good night.

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David, No there is no enlarged version. Not sure why.

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Now it does enlarge. Very nice look.

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@Brian_Murphy, @Allen_Brooks, and @Dan_Kearl Try that now. All I did was type in repost and hit enter!! Same file but now it enlarges. Not the best quality but gives a decent look at a hunting behavior.

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An excellent image, David. I love the wing position and the peek-a-boo head. It looks like the focus is dead on the face-are you using an eye focusing mode? I think I heard that the R5 has that.

It worked. Great job with this.

@David_Leroy, @Keith_Bauer. Should there be an Avian Behavior tag?

Well we can certainly get them feeding, preening, and soon feeding their young. Here this one is hunting. I don’t see any harm in having that TAG.

Dennis the R5 does have that eye focusing mode and tracking mode. i have used both at times. They work very well and do take a bit of time to get used to. I like the option. I use two back buttons. The usual one for bbf and then the one just to right for eye tracking. I grab focus the usual way, roll my thumb and now I have eye focus.
I just stared having a few freezing up moments with camera so I will have to keep track of that. Once I hear back from Canon I will make a comment in Discussions.

Seems like a tag that could be useful. I’ll ask for one to be created.

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@David_Leroy, @Dennis_Plank - a “Behavior” tag is now available for Avian.

Thanks, Keith. That was quick!

Hi David, really nice image. Love the hunting pose and showing the environment the bird is working which is complimentary and not distracting. Nice details on the bird. Very well done.

Very nice image, David - the typical hunting style of the Harrier well documented ! Love the way the eye is just peeping out above the wing. Love it ! Cheers, Hans