Northern Pintail in Flight

I just returned from teaching several workshops for the annual Festival of the Cranes at Bosque Del Apache NWR. As usual, a great time. This image was taken the first morning before my first workshop started. I was out just seeing what was going on at the refuge.

Image is Full Frame from my Olympus EM-1 Mark II, 840mm, handheld
1/2000, f/5.6, ISO 320.

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Full frame - wow! That’s impressive, Keith. Had it been me shooting, this would have been pure luck. And the results for wide open and with the 1.4 are equally impressive. Keith, you’re tempting me more and more to get that combination. I’m curious to know your choice of frame rate for this.

I was using the Low Speed Mechanical shutter option for this frame which is 10 frames per second.

Nice flight shot.

Great detail in this flight shot . I also like the composition. the image says lift off.

Great capture. Bosque is a magical place,

good catch

Great capture, Keith! In-flight ducks are extremely difficult because they’re so dang fast, let alone at 840 mm! I always tell people it’s like skeet shooting with a high powered scope on your shotgun! I’m doubly impressed if this is a full frame because you even got the horizon level and position in the frame is perfect! I also like that there is enough detail in the background to give a sense of it’s environment. Well done!

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