Not able to open images

All of a sudden, I just get an image name in a post and when I try clicking on that, it just says unable to open image. Anyone else having problems, or is it just my abysmally slow internet connection?


I’m not encountering any problems. I just tried several different galleries and critique galleries without issue. Maybe clearing your browser cache might help??

Have no idea if this is related, but a bit scary. Just within the last hour I started receiving this never before error screen. DO NOT click on any links. I have no idea what this is. I’m not seeing this on any other pages, just NPN. I also can access NPN fine on MS Edge…

Anyone else seeing this?

Oh, BTW, seeing this in the latest version of Chrome. grrrr
I cleared all cache/data and I’m gonna reboot. Hopefully that’s not a bad idea

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I’ve had the same issue for over an hour using latest Firefox…:alien:

Paul, is that opening images? Or are you getting the red screen?

Lon, I got the same red screen.

@Lon_Overacker @Harley_Goldman

No red screen for me on latest Firefox. Just no photos…:weary:

I’m having problems just accessing the site in Chrome. My anti-virus won’t even load the page. I had to use IE to get on.

It’s the same message Lon got.

Edge seems fine, as does IE 11. However, some of the profile icons are ‘x’s’.

No warnings or blocks from either Malwarebytes or Bitdefender.

I got the red message in Chrome. That was three hours ago, now it’s gone.

Looks like we’re back. I’m guessing the hosting services for NPN took care of it.

My theory is that when code is updated and released in NPN it invalidates some images that you are viewing, depending on which code is changed. A browser refresh often helps but sometimes it just corrects itself over time. These issues were more common during the earlier phase of NPN 2 when updates were more frequent.

Hello everyone, it appears that the the company that hosts our images had a temporary glitch yesterday that caused some browsers to trigger this nasty warning which has since been resolved. The site was not hacked or anything. I will continue to investigate this with them to ensure this doesn’t happen again in the future. Please let me know if you continue to have any problems!

That red message Lon posted is what I got most of the day yesterday, and still this morning. Can’t access the site at all on my PC, but laptop is ok.

My anti-virus software is Spybot, Malwarebytes, CCleaner. and Trend. All gave warnings.

Also, now, when I open some Galleries/Critique galleries, , many of the posts and/or people replying have no picture, just an “X”.
Example in flora this morning.:

Disclaimer: Microsoft Edge seems to have invaded and usurped my computer yesterday and took everything hostage. All icons gone, programs missing, format different, etc so I predict a whole day of fixing.
I Just HATE computers!!! We are SO dependent on them, and they are SO UNDEPENDABLE !!!


I’m having the issue described by Lon this morning with Google Chrome on a MacBook Pro.

I apologize for the problems, we are working hard to get this resolved. @Igor_Doncov and @Sandy_Richards-Brown could you please try again and see if you still get the warning now? I turned off a feature that may be causing this, but since I can’t reproduce the error I would appreciate if you could test it.

I just tried to open NPN on Chrome and got the red warning screen. 6:34 am PST

Using latest version of Firefox, can access site as normal, just not able to view any pictures. Everything else seems normal…

I started seeing the Red “Deceptive site ahead” screen again last night and it continues this morning. Only seeing in Chrome, but seems to work in MS Edge.

Hopefully @David_Kingham and team are aware

David is working on it.