Not Speaking

I posted this in Photo Art way back when I think because it was a composite image, though technically nothing more than a two frame panorama, so I guess the old Man and Fauna would have worked. During the breading season, we put out a few meal worms every day so if we get a bad snow spell in the winter we can do supplemental feeding for the Bluebirds, which winter over in our climate. In this case, the male and female perched on opposite sides of the bowl a few frames apart and I just couldn’t resist merging the two images. I didn’t bother with any stitching software for such a simple merge. I just resized this for the new NPN, so it has the 2019 copyright despite being taken last May.


Good title. Wonderful, The light, gesture, and color are all there! Very creative to place the two separate images and stitch to create this illusion. Just a nit…I think technically the bird on the left has been over sharpened a tad which creates a mismatch in the symmetry. You might consider matching up the focus a bit closer between the two.,

Nice artwork, Dennis! The individual bird photos are excellent and the composite is very creative. A good example of visualization and follow through.

Still one of MY favorites too!
Love it -

Dennis, the lighting, details and colors look great. The back-to-back pose makes this special and good for a chuckle.

This is fantastic. Great vision! I love it Dennis.

This worked out beautifully, Dennis. The title is perfect and I love the catch light in the blue bird’s eyes. The OOF BG works nicely as does the color palette. Really great job on this.