NPN App on an iPhone 12

I just wanted you to know that the app is a great idea.

But it reads very oddly on my iPhone. Images are just strips of an image too small to identify. I have to tilt it sideways to see anything. At the moment, it is not very iPhone user-friendly. I will try it another time on the iPad to see if that is better. So for now, I will visit here from the laptop. that is the best experience.

Thanks I know this will be a very good investment in my growth.

Hi Ariel, sorry you’re having troubles. It sounds like you’re having the same problem that Igor was here Problems from smart phone, please try clearing your cache and see if that fixes the problem.

Unfortunately it didn’t fix the issue on my phone. Iphone 12 pro if that helps.

Sorry for the delay Ariel, could you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Also, are you using the NPN app, Safari, or something else?

It works in Horizontal mode but is clunky on the phone, not enough to view this way. This is my work around.

Ahh, okay. You somehow got into the desktop view. Please try clicking this link on your phone to get out of it.

No change let me delete app and reinstall it.

With a fresh install, it is looking mighty nice! thank you

Ok now oddly enough it is now the mobile view on both the mac and the iphone. (Thats ok I can work with that! Computers and tech gotta love it. Lol

There’s an easy fix for that, just click the hamburger menu, then click the desktop view button in the lower left: