NPN Critique Guest - Alex Noriega

Critique Guest - Alex Noriega

Submissions are closed! Alex will be catching up with all of your images today and tomorrow.

Please limit your submissions to three images for the week

Theme: Intimate Landscapes (July 10-16)

Welcome to our new feature on NPN, where we have a professional photographer guest join us to critique your images. For each guest, we will have a new theme that the guest chooses. Critiques are not limited to our guests; all members are encouraged to critique as they usually would.

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For July, our special guest is the incredibly talented @Alex_Noriega. Alex specializes in what he has dubbed “Epic Intimates,” powerful views of nature derived from the grand landscape that inspire you to look deeper. You can view more of Alex’s work on his website

The theme for this month’s guest is “Intimate Landscapes”. Keep in mind that intimate landscapes don’t need to be small, nor quiet - they can be complete scenes, they can be bold, they can portray large and extensive subjects, and they can even sometimes include the sky! We are just not looking for ultra-wide-angle grand scenics for this event. Please limit your images to natural landscapes (no macro, wildlife, avian, prominent manmade structures, etc.)

You may begin submitting images today (only 1 per day, please) based on the theme. Please only submit landscape images for this theme, no wildlife, macro, etc. We will have guests that specialize in these areas in the future!