On Alert

I was in the Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary near New Market, Maryland, looking for butterflies when I noticed I was being watched. It was late afternoon and clouds were aiming sunbeams in all directions. One of them caught the doe for 30 seconds and I caught the photo.

Specific Feedback Requested

Nothing specific.

Technical Details

Canon R5 with 2X converter on an RF 100-500 lens.


Hi Alton! Welcome to NPN! Your first post is a very nice image with beautiful light. Well done! I’m looking forward to more of your work and contributions to this community.

Hi and welcome, Alton. Nice catch you have here. She certainly looks curious about you. Too bad the focus isn’t quite dialed in. Tough to do when critters have eyes on the sides of their heads and they’re looking face on. The light is terrific though. Please feel free to share more and to contribute to conversations you see around other people’s photos, too.

Welcome, Alton! Nice to see another R5 1000mm shooter! The light is so nice and I love that the deer is at the base of that small swale. If you cropped and have more canvas at the bottom, just a bit more room there could be good. The BG has a lovely composition and quality.

It always helps to give a little more information about camera settings and processing. Sounds like it may have been handheld and in low light?

The dappled light is lovely, and the color of the subject is perfect for its surroundings.

I’m curious about a couple things: did you do any selective processing with the shadows? Wasn’t sure if the shaded areas in the foreground have been burned at all, since they’re noticeably darker than the deer’s shadow. Also, I’m wondering if you used DeNoise on this… only asking because in the larger version, the noise in the background seems splotchy and inconsistent (which can be a byproduct of that plugin with certain images).

Hi Alton !
Welcome to NPN ! I love the curious look and different shades of green.
You may provide more techs like aperture; shutter speed etc. as they help in understanding the image better.
I agree with @Max_Waugh on the side effects of NR !

I really enjoy the way you captured the lighting with a natural vignetting effect. The depth of field works well with this image.