On the rocks

Rock Ptarmigan on a rock cairn. Cairns were placed along main routes in Northeast Iceland during the early part of the 20th century. In many places one can view many cairns spaced exactly 100 meters apart. The main tarmac road was constructed around 25 years ago and follows the cairns. They are a convenient resting spot for many species. Though it looks sunny, it was raining lightly when I took this image. I removed most of the rain drops.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 1250, 400 plus 1.4x, f6.3, 1250th, from an open car window, 25% of full frame

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Oh I love this one. It has great atmosphere and while not bleak, speaks to me of the harshness that ptarmigan can endure. They’re one of my favorite birds even though I’ve never seen one. I like that you’ve given it nice space to look into and the perch is terrific. Looks as though it’s changing from summer to winter feathers or the other way around. Sharpness looks good as do the whites. These guys remind me of grouse.

Wonderful bird with a wonderful pose on a wonderful perch with a wonderful BG. Well done!! And great detail for a big crop.

Really nice, David. A simple but very effective environmental shot, and details are good throughout. Interesting backstory, as well. Well done.

Extremely well seen and well photographed, David. Beautiful detail throughout the cairn and the bird. I like the story behind the cairns as well. This one was built by someone who knew how to make them last.

Sorry for the belated EP. Somehow I spaced out for a week.

Hello, David, I missed this image (as I may have quite a few, since unfortunately this year hasn’t been my most active on NPN) - but now I saw it in the line-up and it’s great. I immediately recognised the place and assumed it was yours before seeing your name :wink: … Love it ! Cheers,. Hans