On the way to Point Reyes

This is a few miles east of Point Reyes Station and gives a preview of the coastal fog that would dominate the next three days at Point Reyes.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome! The mid-ground looks a bit odd – it was darkened by a small passing cloud. I lightened it some but not sure it doesn’t need more.

Technical Details

Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 10.33.17 AM

Polarizer, some tonal work in LR and more in PS, but nothing huge or complicated. Cropped top and bottom.


I like the rolling hills and clouds hugging them. I’m not too bothered by the luminosity of the mid-ground. It provides some contrast with the rest of the scene.


This looks vaguely familiar - as if I’ve been to this very spot recently… :smiling_face: Well actually, you must have found this the next day… I don’t remember stopping. But of course I remember the fog!

Lovely image and so true to the experience. Actually the fog and the marine layer were more prominent than this image would pretend, but glad the sun was out for brief periods.

Processing looks great and the mid-ground shadow from the clouds isn’t an issue for me; in fact I like the dappled or varied light on the landscape including the light on the golden hill on the right.

Only suggestion really would be eliminating the dried sticks/weeds in the LLC. There are similar dried plants on the right, but there’s enough to say that their inclusion was intentional. The only thing I would suggest there is maybe some slight burning in the LRC. Otherwise this looks great and brings me right back there!

And we’ll have to return again! Great meeting and hanging out with you and Tony!

Thanks, @Lon_Overacker! It was great shooting with you and @Tony_Siciliano! Definitely need to do this again!! I agonized over those puny little sticks and decided that corner would look empty without them, but burning the LR might help balance things. I COULD have climbed the hill behind me… I shot it on the way over on Wednesday, about 9 am. You wouldn’t have been far behind.

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