A small adventure i had with a couple friends in the Canadian Rockies. It was an overcast day, when the clouds opened up i recalled the openings in the thin ice and thought they would look cool together.
Fun fact, in of the friends i was with (another photog) fell into the icey water. Luckily temperatures were around -2 degrees C and we were just a few 100 meters away from the car where he had a change of clothes.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Any feedback is welcome.
The colors were particularly challenging here. Although i was careful the blue channel was near clipping. I had to desaturate the blues as well to make it neutral but without losing the water turquoise colors

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Single exposure 17 mm


I applaud you on this image. The detail, composition, light, sky, and tonality are wonderful. And, the reflections in the open areas where the ice separated bring the eye both forward and backward between the FG and BR.

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Thanks Larry

Wow, I like this image a lot! The interesting patterns in the foreground ice and then the gaps in the ice and the treeline acting as leading lines back towards the peaks, beautiful! Did you shoot this with a polarizer (very easy to see the rocks on the bottom)? Personally I like being able to see the rocks although some might shoot this trying to accentuate the reflection of the peak that you nicely aligned in the gap

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Thanks for the feedback
There was no CPL on the lens :sweat_smile:

Hi Aref. Those are really interesting shapes in the ice. I like the blue at the bottom of the closest one. I also like the way the shape of the opening in the ice is mirrored by the clouds. Beautiful image.

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Beautiful winter scene and well captured. The balance of light and detail came out very well.

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I wouldn’t change a darn thing about this one. It’s perfectly composed and there’s so much here to attract and keep my attention. The clouds drive my eye into the frame from the top, and those cool patterns in the ice lead me into the mountains from the bottom. Absolutely killed it with this image!

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Thank you everyone for the feedback
Seems that maybe it is better than i thought :sweat_smile:

Very nice image. I’m on a bit of a cropping kick today and I feel that this image could use one. Honestly, I think there is too much sky. It’s not really adding anything and it pulls my eye away from both the mountain and the sensational leading lines of the water patterns in the foreground. I think you have a 2:3 aspect ratio here. I’d go to 5:7 with a hair off the left side and a bump off the bottom. See what you think below.

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Thanks for the feedback Kerry


Gorgeous winter landscape! So much to enjoy with this one starting with the wonderful patterns in the water/ice and the reflections of the mountain. Great patterns in the ice/snow as well.

I’m really enjoying the wide angle view captured, including the bits of blue up top.

Love everything about this - wouldn’t change a thing.


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