Orange tip

Picture taken in early morning.
Lens used Sigma macro 105mm
Iso 100

Jan, first I would like to welcome you to NPN. Second, what a really nice macro shot for your first post. I love this flower (not familiar with it), with the dew drops on it. I am looking forward to seeing many more of your images.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I have.
So your first gift to us is an orange tip butterfly with blue pattern wings portrayed with sensitivity with blue flowers and orange backlit morning vegetation. Perfect use of complimentary colors. Add to that the grace notes of dew on the flowers … and on the butterfly’s fine hairs?
I can’t wait for more gifts from you.

Welcome to NPN Jan. Truly lovely photo of both the flower and the butterfly. Love the colors and your DOF.

Superb photo, first to the forum or not! Welcome to the community, looking forward to seeing more of your work.