Order of posts, critique gallery

I’m sure I’m missing something… and I’m pretty sure I didn’t change any settings, but what I’m seeing now when viewing the Landscape Critique Gallery and the “Latest” being selected - is the “Latest comment” - not the latest post?

Again, must be missing something, but how can I view, sort by latest posted image? When going thru selecting for EP, I need to be able to sort by posted date, in chronological order, so I don’t miss any posts.


Hi Lon,

There is a bug causing the categories to not sort by date posted, we’re working on a fix!


Thanks for the response David!

This should be fixed now!

Hmmmm, not so sure. Still showing the latest comment rather than the latest image post. I’ve only checked Landscape and Flora.

Are you sure? This is what flora should look like right now. John’s Nigella image is older but got bumped up because he added a repost to the original post, which should happen. Othwerise everything seems to be in the correct order.

David: I just posted a comment on an older image in Flora and it jumped to the top of the list :thinking:.

It also jumped to the top of my “all photos” page.

Hey Bill, I believe that’s because you edited the title of the topic which causes it to be ‘bumped’. To avoid this you can reset the bump date. Click the admin wrench on the top right of the post and select ‘Reset Bump Date’

By the ‘all photos’ page I assume you mean the latest view which is the hompage. This is normal behavior on this page and always has been. This is intened to show the latest happenings of everything, whether that’s new topics or new replies.

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I’ve tested this every which way imaginable and it seems to be working fine now. If anyone is still having trouble try doing a hard refresh in your browser by holding down shift and then clicking refresh.


For info, I’ve cleared cache/cookies all that stuff and both Chrome and Edge.

Here’s what I’m seeing and can reproduce:

From within the Flora critique gallery, I right-click on the “Latest” link and open a NEW tab in my browser. In this case Chrome. This opens a new browser tab with NO page history. This page shows the latest posts displayed chronologically as expected. Then, click on any image to view. Then to get back to the Latest list, I use the Browser back button; doesn’t matter, the browser back button arrow, key-command to go back or using a hotkey on my mouse… go back to the previous page - which should be the Latest post. However, what happens it goes back to the post with the latest comment. And right now in Flora, that’s the “Leaning Tulips” post; originally posted 6/1.

Now, before we think it’s an issue with the browser back feature, you can also select the “Flora Critiques” link under the Post Title and get the same results. It goes back to Latest comment, not latest post.

Not a huge deal, but unexpected behavior. I’m wondering if Bill or anyone else can reproduce. I’m still leaving open the possibility it’s me. But given there was a known issue reported…


Interesting! I can reproduce that as well and will look into it. For now when you go back you can refresh the page and it will sort correctly, or I would just keep that page open and open any post you want to look at in a new tab so that view doesn’t get messed up, then just close the tab when you’re done looking at the post to get back to the chronological view, which is a good practice any time.

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I just posted a comment in Avian on a photo that was way down the page and it immediately became the top photo. Something is different as this never happened before. I see this as an impediment to posting as new photos can become easily lost in the mix.

As I just said, I am looking into it and will get a fix soon.


David, what I’m seeing is that when I go to a gallery, the photos show in posted order. However, when I make a comment and go back, the posts are ordered by latest comment. When I did my editor’s pick by selecting on the tag, they showed up in posted order and stayed in order when I returned from making my pick. Hope that helps.

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David: Not sure if you’re back from Wyoming but when you do return could you please revisit this issue? I’m still getting images ordered by latest comment. I can open the gallery page in a new tab and the images are ordered by post date but if I do anything with any image it reverts back to the images being ordered by comment. Sorry to be a PITA and wish I could offer some suggestions but software is pretty opaque to me. I can work around this issue but its bothersome. Thanks for your help.

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Sorry Bill, it’s an issue in the software and I am waiting for them to fix it so I’m at their mercy right now. I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

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This should be fixed now, please give it a try and let me know if you see anything weird!

David: Still having issues. When I open the gallery in a new tab the posts are ordered by posting date but as soon as I move away from the opening page and open an image and then return to the gallery page - regardless of if I made a comment or not - the gallery is then ordered by most recent comment. This happens in Edge and Chrome and in every gallery I visit. Really sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Did you refresh your browser?