Oregon coast - June or November?

Hope this is in the right section, couldn’t seem to find a more appropriate one. I’m looking to spend a bit over a week on the Oregon coast and it’s either next week or first week in November. Next week is pushing it, but if it’s a vastly better time then it may be worth it. Any suggestions?

Welcome Eren!

If your vision calls for few (or no) people in the settings, I’d sure opt for November. Many locations get really busy starting in June. On the other hand, you can add flowers and such to the June image potential. It’s certainly warmer in June than November, but my tastes run to fewer people.

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You could study historical weather information (weather.com) to learn what to expect in November. GL

I am not from Oregon but I’ve visited the PNW many times. In my experience the summer tends to be almost entirely blue skies, and the winter has a greater chance for partly cloudy skies that tend to make nicer photographers. I’d go in November. Of course, it could go either way (or a different way) at any time for no reason, though :slight_smile:

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November without question.

Starting late May and continuing through the summer there is most often a heavy fog bank that sits off the coast in the PNW, sometimes coming inland a little ways but always there and the sun tends to just drop into that fog rather than lighting up clouds above. Plus, summer is busy with vacationers so more crowded and lodging prices go up (and campground are always filled).

In November, be prepared for stormy weather, but that often results in fantastic photos. April through early May, and late September through October are also excellent times for photography on the Oregon coast (and beaches in Olympic National Park in Washington).

OTOH, right now is an excellent time to photograph waterfalls, old-growth forests, and wildflowers in Oregon.

Hi Eren, I thought I’d mention that @GregVaughn is the author of a book “Photographing Oregon” and has a nice section on the coast. As an Oregonian, I’d agree with the idea of November. Even when the summer weather forecast calls for sunny weather on the coast, that darn fog bank is a constant threat. Even in the off season the coast can be crowded and is a zoo in the summer-summer vacation started yesterday here in Oregon.

Thank you, @Allen_Brooks. I don’t want to get into self-promotion about my books and workshops here on naturephotographers.net, but after living and photographing in Oregon for 30 years, I do have some insights and am always willing to share with photographers who I’m confident subscribe to the #naturefirst and LeaveNoTrace ethic.

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