…well not really. Two images I took as part of a series last year (there are two more in the series but these were my favourite). I found the outgoing tide flowing round a very shapely rock on a beach in south Wales. The effect of the water retreating gave the illusion of a comet huirtling through space.

I chose black and white for these due to the contrast between the retreating water and the dark sands on the beach. The light condiutions were also not condusive to shooting the wider landscape. When light conditions don’t prevail I often look for details that may have formed part of a bigger scence or subtle detail to focus on.

These images were both shot a approximately 20mm at f/16 or f/18 to get the flow right in the light conditions. CPL to cut the glare slightly and cropped for effect.

Hope you enjoy them and would love to hear everyones thought’s on them!!


Eugene, I am especially drawn to the first image, and I think this is due to the interesting juxtaposition of the diverse textures. The centered composition is a good choice in my opinion and accentuates the steadyness of the rock aptly.


Hi Peter, It’s my favourite of the lot too. It was taken slightly later than the others as the flow was only just reaching the rock before retreating back. Like you say, there is a better balance if textures in the different parts of the image.

Glad you like it!!

Well, this is the showcase forum so we’re not supposed to give advice. I can’t decide which I like more. They’re both smashing.

Thanks Igor!! Glad you like them as a pair.

I wasn’t after ‘advice’ in the traditional sense of the word. More that I was keen to hear if people enjoyed them for what they were :blush:

I like them both, think I prefer the last one.

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Thanks Han - two completely different effects depending on how far up the beach the water was getting. I switch between the two all the time :rofl: