Oyen Mobius Five Bay Drive Enclosure Won't Power Up-Disregard

I have one of these as my primary storage unit (there are back-ups). We had a power outage yesterday and when our generator was started the unit came on as it always does when power has been interrupted. I started and then shut down the computer to put it in sleep mode, then turned off the surge protector that powers it. This morning when I reenergized everything it would not start up again. I’ve moved the plug, changed power cords and changed data ports in case the issue was there. It’s still not powering up.

Any clues out there?

Well, I’m not sure what I did, but it’s acting OK now. I went into the computer’s power settings to make sure it didn’t have the usb sleep mode turned on and it didn’t, but when I tried turning on the drive after doing so, it worked fine.