Pagoda Tree

This tree is one of three I saw on this day that reminded me of pagoda roofs in Japan and Japanese painting. I converted this one to black and white, but plan to keep working on it as I would like to give it more of silver tone.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all feedback welcome.

Technical Details

Aps-c 23mm, f5.6; 1/125 sec; ISO 1250 handheld

It’s mesmerizing, 50/50 comp works… Cleaning up the white spots in the reflection would take minutes and be worth the time.


I definitely see the reference to the Japanese roofs, architechture and even painting styles. Great choice going b&w and I couldn’t argue against Dan’s description of “mesmerizing.”

Initially I thought about cloning out all the floaters on the water’s surface but thought what a tedious job that would be… but then read Dan’s comments and I think I agree now, it might be worth the time. But for sure, not an image killer for me and it does come across as a rather natural thing for a clear water reflection like this.

My biggest nit pick would be to clone out or otherwise deal with the bright branches on the left. Those draw the eye pretty quickly and I think detract from the overall impact of this wonderful scene.

Also as Dan points out, the 50/50 comp works beautifully here with the mirrored reflection. You might even consider a slight vignette (not sure it’s needed though.)


Charles, this is a terrific B&W image. Nice choice. I agree with @Dan_Kearl and @Lon_Overacker about the floaters in the water. And darkening those branches in the center left would keep my eye from wandering over there.

The 50/50 horizon accentuates the symmetry and I see the Pagoda reference too. Well done.

Thanks @David_Bostock @Dan_Kearl @Lon_Overacker - appreciate the feedback. I have a similar one that I didn’t convert to BW but it didn’t have the same impact. Glad you agreed. Time to get out the clone stamp tool. Thanks again

Hi @Lon_Overacker @David_Bostock @Dan_Kearl - just thought I’d share the cleaned up version, with a little warming applied as well and Lightroom “enhance”. I had left the specks and tree branches in the photo because I wanted to modify as little as possible, but seeing it cleaned up I like it much better (there are still many spots left!). Thanks again for the feedback