Palette Springs, east 11/21

Here’s another view of the eastern flow from Palette Springs. The subtle colors and textures show well under the overcast sky.


This is a fascinating abstract, Mark! So many subtle shades of colors and patterns to savor and enjoy. This would make for a wonderful puzzle.

Amazing image. The subject is amazing and so is the image. I would remove the tree and make this an abstract. It’s basically an abstract and the bit of reality the tree provides is a hinderance in my opinion.

I would echo @Igor_Doncov comment about amazing, Mark. Definite abstraction, at least for me. Love the subtle color variants and the energy.

Excellent abstract. I would tend to agree with @Igor_Doncov about the tree to take this to the pure abstract. Good one!

And yet there is something very intriguing about “the tree”. When I first looked at this image I asked myself, “Is it a tree, or a twig” and assumed it was a twig. So, it plays with my my mind and sense of scale, which in a sense, adds to the abstract quality since I’m still not clear what I’m looking at. In any case, marvellous image with plenty of subtle texture and colour to attract and hold my eye.

Amazing and wonderful!! I’m with @Kerry_Gordon about the tree – it’s wonderful to discover it and what it shows about the vastness of the scene.

What an amazing landscape. Your photo looks like an ICM or multiple exposure shot, but it’s not. Cool.