Palla's Fish Eagle

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 7D2; 500 mm; 1.4X; ISO 200; 1/800 sec. at F 7.1

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Beautiful, sharp portrait! I love the colors in this bird. It’s nice to have an interesting open perch. Thanks for sharing.

Great shot, Jagdeep. Such wonderful details in his feathers. Love the head turn that he gave you. Nice perch as well.

Very nice portrait, wonderful details. I do wish for more room all around the image however.

Excellent color, light, detail, and pose. Yes perhaps more room would be okay but I don’t have any problems with the posted image.

I like the pose and the detail is excellent.

This is just spectacular Jagdeep, as the others have said. Very nicely done.

A lovely portrait of this bird, Jagdeep. Beautiful pose and excellent light with a really classy perch. I don’t think it needs more room all around, but it does feel like a touch more on the left would balance it better. Sometimes we get locked into that rule of thirds and have a hard time letting our eye make the decisions.

Thank you so much friends for your kind comments !

What a beautiful bird even if he is a little disheveled looking. Tack sharp with great exposure and colors. Love the head turn and eye contact. I wish there was just a slight bit of room on the left side as it feels a little off-balance to me. Really nice image Jagdeep!