Panning Head for Timelapse and smooth video pans

I’ve been reviewing a few options for automated panning heads for doing timelapse / hyper lapse, and for doing smooth pans with video.

This option seems like a solid option but I’d be very interested to hear if anyone is using it or if you have another option that you are using that you’d recommend.

The option I’m looking at is and Edelkrone Headone.

Here’s a link to the product : HeadOne

Thanks in advance for your input.

I have a couple of Syrp Genie Minis that do this well. They cost about $250 and are Bluetooth programmable. You can close the app and let it run once you’re started the sequence, so you don’t have to worry about draining your phone or staying nearby. They are small too and the batteries last well.

@kirk Thanks for your reply. I’ve seen the Syrp Genies in my research. Can I ask what equipment (how heavy) you are using with the Syrup Genie Minis? Thx.

According to Syrp - the Genie Mini has a panning load of 8.8 lbs and a tilting load of 6.6 lbs. You’ll want to trigger your cameras’ shutter with the Genie Mini by plugging the camera into the Mini, otherwise it may pan while the camera is exposing, so use the shutter cable with it.

I’m using Sonys with lenses like the Rokinon 24mm or 35mm with it, so nothing super big.

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