Panorama View - Vermont 2021

This is 5 photos put together in Photoshop Elements 2021. I am just learning how to do this. I know it is not a great shot - but it is a start.

Specific Feedback Requested

Do you fix each of the photos before putting them together, or do you wait, put them together, and then fix the photo?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Panaroma. I did not use a tripod. I am sure it would have been better had I used a tripod. Next time.

I would prefer to use the term “process” rather than “fix”. I haven’t done panos myself, so I can’t answer your question, I’ll leave that to someone else. With that said, the processing here looks fine to me, exposure, contrast and color all look good.

I love the light on the snow and trees on the left side, and the shadows on the snow. The distant mountains have a nice soft and dreamy look which is well done. My only suggestion would be to crop away about half of the dense stand of trees on the right. I think these trees are not as appealing as the rest of the scene, and don’t deserve this much real estate. I would retain a portion of them though to act as a frame on the right side of the image. Overall this is a very pleasing and well done image, nice work Richard.

Thanks, Ed. I agree with your comment about the trees on the right… It would be better without them.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Much appreciated.


Richard, if you don’t mid my asking where in Vermont is this? I grew up near Bellow Falls VT myself, but now live in Massachusetts.

We are in Pawlet - just 30 minutes south of Rutland - 30 minutes north of Manchester - about ten miles to the NY border. We are about 1,800’ so we get a lot more snow than the valleys.

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That’s a lovely scene Richard. The light snow dusting in the distance is very nice; in fact, I think I would like more of the scene to appreciate it more. (It feels cropped a bit tight at the top.)

I don’t do panos as much as I used to, but I usually process the image more after putting them together. The exception would be changes that make the stitching easier/better. For example, if your images have a strong vignette, it’s easier to remove that prior to putting them together.

Thank you. I appreciate your comments. I will try taking it with a different lens and on a tripod.


@richard39 - I agree with the others who have commented here - this is a very pleasing scene that would benefit from a little more room on top and fewer of the trees on the right. The pano processing also looks natural, which isn’t always easy to achieve. The only processing I perform before stitching are lens profile corrections and if I have any dust bunnies on the images I’ll get rid of those too.

Thanks for your helpful comments.