Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/200 @ f8 HDR
We have a huge crop of amaryllis this year but I find such large flowers a challenge to compose. I saw these two emerging Papillon blooms in the sun this afternoon. The clouds were taming the light some but it was windy too so when the light was soft there was often too much movement. I wanted to use my diffuser but my photo assistant/master gardener was busy tending to other plants so just for fun I ripped off a five exposure set and merged them in Lightroom HDR. I actually like the way it turned out. All comments welcome. >=))>


Great color and detail, but the composition strikes me as two images, the left and right flowers. I would be inclined to go vertical and crop off the left, cutting maybe 55-60% and showcase the right flower. Also, there are some strange white dots middle of the image? Spider web? Clone them?

My absolute favorite variety of amaryllis presented beautifully. Nice balance of the blooms and great detail. Love it.

Bill, this is just an amazing photo for me to see and admire. I like how you’ve managed the light, I am going to have to try that technique next time I’m caught out in the middle of the day. What caught my eye right off was how huge the blooms are. For me, the way you have photograph them truly emphasizes their size. It would make a fantastic 30’ x 50’ print. . .don’t you think?

Lovely, crisp image, Bill. I like very much the splay of the flowers, only wondering if just a little more at the top might have been even stronger. Amaryllis are flowers which tend to hit you in the eye and these do it superbly.

Bill, I really like this. The colors are really nice. I actually like the way you presented the two blooms, with one facing the viewer, and the other side view. You managed the lighting and wind very well.