Passed down

In a countryside ramble I came across this house with a ruined cabin behind it and some derelict cars and trucks on the site as well. The fields on either side of it are still under active cultivation, but the house lies silent and alone. There are subtle shadows of the trees on the foreground that I wanted to catch and connect, somehow through the house, to the trees above and around it. Originally I processed this in Luminar, but that’s gone now so I re-worked it in Lightroom.

You can find more pics and my experience of the old homestead here -

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Kristen_SmithNovember 20, 2019P1030924

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Weird. This only comes up when the site is wonky. Have at it

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Does it say anything to you?

Any pertinent technical details:

Handheld and starting w/the Cinelike V camera matching profile in Lr. A crop and some subtle adjustments to color, white balance, sharpening & texture. Some transform & lens correction.


A great find! I can imagine that the trees growing so close to it must have been shrubs when it was inhabited. And I can imagine that those two fireplaces got a good workout in winter. The tree shadows are icing on the cake.

A great image with the tree shadows adding a lot to the quality of the image. The trees are also lined up good, except for a minor thing: I would have liked to have the right chimney in full view.

I love this. For some reason it has a bit of an ominous feel to it. Maybe it’s due to the late fall/early winter time. I think the trees are fantastic and do a great job of framing and making the house even more mysterious. I like it as is, but also see a slight pano by cropping some of the foreground.

Nice catch, Kris.