Pastel sunrise

I took this picture a few minutes after the first rays of sun came over the horizon in the Eifel National Park in West Germany. The whole landscape was kept in soft pastel colors. I like the contrast between the cold tones of the fog that still lingered in the valleys and the warm tones in the horizon and where the sun already receives parts of the landscape. For me, this picture symbolizes the transition from night to day. My eye goes from the bottom left of the cool valley over the mountain slopes and soft grass to the plateau, which is still slightly foggy, and then to the warm, bright sunrise.
I hope to convey the feeling of calm and harmony which I felt and which I feel every time when looking at this picture.
Have a nice sunday everyone.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

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I think you accomplished your goal with this picture. the large version is a joy to view.