This is a type of image that I have started to appreciate a lot lately. Not a landscape with large views but a small intimate section where shapes and colors play the main role. These types of motifs are hard to spot, at least for me. I think it’s largely because I’m used to photographing large landscapes. But with practice, you can begin to see these smaller landscapes. A big advantage is that they are everywhere and you do not have to travel far to find them. The motif in this picture is flowing clear water over a rocky bottom a sunny day. This image basically needed no editing but only adjustment of white and black levels as well as cropping and a small increase in saturation.

Specific Feedback Requested

All critique and feedback is welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


This is a great abstract for several reasons. Aside from the shapes and colors and composition this one also is suggestive in it’s various forms. I see ghosts and other beings. I think the cool colors affect what you see here. Here are some obvious compositional adjustments I would make:


@Igor_Doncov thanks a lot for your comment. I really think you crop is much better getting rid of the bright yellow dots at the top. Thanks a lot!

This is a lovely abstract full of wonderful shapes and colors, Johan. I do like @Igor_Doncov’s crop and cloning of the leaf on the right edge of the frame. Very nicely done!

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This is a beautiful abstact image full of colour and shape. It’s amazing what we find at our feet.

My only suggestion, and not a nit, is to perhaps flip the image horizontally and vertical. By doing that the darker left hand side will act as a stopper and the darker top acts as a solid base. I might consider a bit of border patrol to clean up tiny intrusions.

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@Ed_Lowe thanks Ed!
Yes I agree that the crop Igor suggested is much better!

@glennie thank for your comment. I did experiment quite a bit with cropping but not with a horsizontal one. I will give it a try and do some border patrol as well!

Lovely image, I like the curved line from top to bottom in the vertical. And the colours!

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You really get some “ghosts” faces here. Very cool.
Love the mood of your picture, and I must agree with Igor concerning that crop.

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@CharlesV thanks a lot for your comment Charles!

@joaoquintela happy you liked the image Joao!

A lovely abstract with beautiful colors and shapes, nice curves. I like @Igor_Doncov 's crop.
Very well seen, you have a better eye for it than I do :slightly_smiling_face:. Looking forward to more images like this.

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@Han_Schutten thanks a lot Hans, I am really happy you liked the image!