Peaks Entrenched

I was walking the dogs on the tide flats at the Old Valdez Townsite, Valdez, Alaska and it was a beautiful winter day so I took the camera with me. I shot a number of landscapes while the dogs got their exercise. I was walking by this trench in the tide flats and noticed the strong reflection in the salt water so I took this shot.

While this was taken only last weekend (Dec 29, 2018), it is one of my favorite landscapes of the year.

Sony a6300, SEL1670Z @ 31 mm, ISO-100, f/11.0, 1/125, hand held.


This is superb, Gary. I love how my eye is pulled into the reflections in the ditch, then led back to the trees and up to the mountains. Beautiful.

Just gorgeous, Gary. I can see why it is your favorite shot of the year.

Well done. Have you looked at this in B&W? It would be cool!
Also, did you happen to wait till the clouds parted to shoot this with the mountain peaks visible? That would elevate this image.

Thanks, Matt! The clouds never left the mountain before the lights went out so that scenario never happened. I’ll have to do a b&w version to see what it looks like.

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For me that foreground makes the whole image. Very well framed for pulling together all the receding elements.

Fantastic winter scene, Gary. The light on the mountain peaks is gorgeous and the trench takes me into the image perfectly. Love the reflection BTW.

The reflection in the trench is a great addition, Gary.