Peeking Out

Found this aspen nicely nestled in a whole lot of greenery.

D810, 70-200mm

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Excellent! Great job isolating this and making use of the longer zoom to create this comp. Great addition to the WC. No nits or suggestions.

Play on words, you could have titled this “Peaking Out” as well… :wink:


Nice. The aspen really stands out against the conifers. I really like all the detail in the image, especially the trees. Processing looks spot-on. Well seen, sir!

Harley, now that one is very different IMO. Can’t say I’ve ever seen any given tree isolated from the same type as we see here. An excellent find here on this unique anomaly. …:+1:

Very cool find with the solitary aspen snuggled in among the evergreens, Harley. Makes you wonder how that happened to transpire. Nicely done.

Way cool, Harley. Always fun to see one different tree amongst a sea of sameness. You placed it very well.

A great find, Harley. This would also fit under the old topic, “small in the frame”. It sure is peeking out!

Very nice image. Maybe just a refresher for everyone, but this composition falls into technique/style know as Pattern Interrupted. It is always something to be on the lookout for when you are out shooting . A pattern interrupted is always more interesting than just the pattern