Pemperton, BC

All critiques, thoughts and opinions are very welcome, thanks.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I really like the composition with this image. Nice sky. I would lighten the foreground a bit if it was mine. Thanks for sharing.

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Blake, nice image. We don’t have such great mountains. We call a hill a mountain when its 50 meters high. I should give this image a bit more saturation (color), Now its a bit dull IMHO. I like the colors in the top but the lower parts rather gray. I visited today your website. All I can say is wauw !
There is a lot to learn for me.

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A lovely view for sure and the alpenglow on the peaks is outstanding, Blake. The bit of snow along with the mist are also wonderful elements in this scene. My only suggestion; just my personal preference; would be a bit more saturation/contrast in the FG landscape. Beautifully done.

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Love the composition and depth, Blake. The foreground tree is an important compositional element and I’m glad you included it. Elsewhere, there is enough going on to keep my eye curious throughout. And I appreciate the subtle treatment of the alpenglow.

I’m not a fan, however, of the sinister color of the foliage. Perhaps a bit cooler and maybe brighter. And the yellow tent that distracts me makes me realize how my own yellow tent stands out when I’m camping.

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I like the sense of morning that this image invokes. I can see that lightning the mid ground would generate a more pleasing image. Yet I like the darkness as well, because it accentuates the light on the peaks and this is about waking up, about transitioning from dark to light. So I have mixed feelings about that. If you could lighten that area up without losing the message that would be best, I suppose.

I definitely agree that the yellow tent needs to be removed. Because you can’t tell what it is. I thought it was sunlight at first. It’s an eye magnet.

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A most beautiful mountain landscape image. The composition is wonderful as presented; I like that you’ve given the tree on the right enough space that it’s not creating any tension. The first light on the peaks and the touch of color in the morning sky is beautiful as well. Such a grand and inspiring image.

As other’s have commented, I think there are some tweaks to make this even better. I’ve taken the liberty to make a stab it. For me, it’s most that the landscape is slightly muddy, or to say more nicely, lacks a little contrast. I do think the luminosity could be raised as well, but understand the time of day and light… so it’s quite appropriate as presented. A few layers in my attempt:

  • Contrast - added Levels layer, changed to Soft light blend mode at low opacity. Also a TK Darks 5 Luminosity mask used to set the black point, also bumping up the contrast.
  • Select color layer to bring up the yellow ever so slightly warming the landscape (no biggie)
  • Brightness/Contrast layer to brighten the foreground/landscape a tad, while masking out the sky (didn’t want any changes to peaks and sky/clouds)

That’s about it. Minor tweaks at that. Mostly the contrast adjustment for me.

Beautiful image worth tweaking and printing!



Awesome feedback, thanks guys. I added a bit more saturation and light to the fg and I think it looks much better ! I will remove the tent

Blake, your re-post looks great, it has more vitality than the original post. Increasing the luminosity of the foreground helps a lot.

Blake: Really nice job on the repost. Wonderful image of a beautiful place and time.>=))>

The re-post is beautiful. Great scene, beautiful image. For my taste, the pp of Lon Overacker is over the top (sorry, Lon). I agree about removing the tent.
You not only re-processed the FG, but the mountains + sky as well. Not necessary, as far as I’m concerned. The fog at the foot of the mountains explains the muted contrast. No need to push it, for me.

Repost looks good to me as well.

@Ed_McGuirk @Bill_Fach @Han_Schutten @Igor_Doncov Thanks for the feedback guys!