Pewit's Nest

This is a picture I made a couple of weeks back now. Pewit’s Nest is a State Natural Area in Wisconsin and only about 40 miles from my home. This was my first winter visit to this area and it was really quite beautiful and very enjoyable to photograph. I met one other photographer there and we had a really nice visit and spent a little time shooting together…a new friend.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 5D4, 24-105 F/4 L @ 45mm, ISO 100, F/11 at 1/5 sec. with a cpl.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Nick, outstanding scene. The vat upfront here looks like a giant cauldron full of ice water. Typically I’m a fan of horizontal images as my first choice, but this one just flat makes the perfect vertical scene. Excellent…:+1:

Thanks Paul! So glad you like it. I did a horz. shot of this where I just included the pool and a little of the surrounding ice in b&w that I posted in this gallery as well not to long ago. This shot kind of gives you an idea of what I was leaving out of the b&w shot.

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You’ve beautifully captured and presented a unique site - well done!

Beautiful keyhole look, Nick. No suggestions, just enjoyable throughout.

Sounds like good times! The shot came out well Nick. The compositions and icy scene really draw the eye.

Really nice image, Nick. In addition to the unique composition and modest use of color, I particularly like the rather bold vignette to focus attention on the waterfall. Nicely done.

Paul, Dan, Harley, john, and Matt, Thanks so much guys! Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers, Nick

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Great composition, very well brought out by the cool-warm color contrast. As usual, your attention to rendering the fine detail very naturally is a pleasure to behold.

Hi Alberto, Thank You! That means a lot to me. Nick

I really like the view that this gives to the background scene. Ron

Lovely image Nick. This is one to proud of, eh? I like the verticality and the cool water with warm rock beyond. I might be tempted to clone/heal that nearly straightine of dirt or darker snow on the right around 2:00, but that’s minor and a matter of taste.

I missed the b&w, but I’ll look for it now.

Ron and Marylynne, Thanks much for your comments and so glad you like this.
Marylynne, Yes, that might be a good idea to clone that area. Thanks!

Sorry bout that…just noticed this was the gallery forum, not critique. Glad you were open to suggestions! I’ll make sure I know where I am in the future!

Hi Marylynne, No problem what so ever. I didn’t even think about that myself and it was a good suggestion anyway. Have a nice day!

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Thanks, Nick. If I enter from the home page and just click on thumbnails that catch my eye, I sometimes end up in the Gallery, offering suggestions. I deleted suggestions made on someone else’s post after I realized what happened here. Fortunately, there were just two, and you were open to it.


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I always really enjoy your eye for beauty and composition. This is another outstanding example.

This is a wonderful scene Nick. Excellent exposure.

Richard and Eva, Thanks so much for the kind words. Means a lot to me. Nick

Such a lovely and unique composition, almost like looking through a keyhole. Lovely, soft light and colors.