Photo views before commenting is missing

Yesterday I posted an image and nothing happened for 24 hours. I actually didn’t know if people were seeing it or if it had been posted successfully. The stats don’t appear until the first comment is made. Can that be changed so that they appear right after the topic is posted?

@Igor_Doncov, I think David turned off the views counter awhile back.

The views counter is turned off for generic pages but each user can see the views of their own image. I feel that a user has a right to see if his work is being viewed.

Oh, you’re right. It’s in the info bar below the pix when you view the post.

Hi Igor, unfortunately this is by design in the software and I can’t change it. I’ve put in a request to have this as an option but I’m not holding my breath. But you can switch to one of the ‘clean’ themes from the hamburger menu. These themes actually display the number of views in category or latest views.

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Thanks. That works for me.