Photographers breaking the rules in California

Mt Tam is just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. There was an article in the local newspaper today about how photographers broke the entrance rules to the park (it is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area) to get photos of the comet. There was a gate across a road blocking entrance which people drove around. Apparantly the road is closed after dark because it is narrow and windy and dangerous in the dark. Ah photographers.

I was wondering how they got those images from Mount Tam since it closes during sunset or just after. The rangers tend to be quite vigilant about closing the gates too.

That sounds like a wonderful way to get photographers banned completely.

How sad, it is so distrubing to me to heard and read about incidents like these. Not only ruins the reputation for photographs but also the precious land.

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wish I could put an angry face in here… frustrating that there are people that self centered and justify their actions so they can fulfill their own agenda. grrr…

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