Photographic Fly update

I was out at the botanical gardens looking for small insects. A person looking to photograph birds and sees one saying it’s just a sparrow. I guess is the same with this happens with me spotting one and saying it is just a fly. This fly was posed very nicely and a nice setting and just sat there.

Specific Feedback Requested

I like this photo but was not sure on the crop. So looking for crop suggestions. There was more below the photo of the flower and the top was more of the same. However, I wanted to have the fly as the main subject here.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D with 100-400 ii 200m, 1.640 f/11 iso 800 Used Nosieware for the background only

Dean, I took some photos of a fly the other day myself! I like the “just a sparrow” comment. I think you did a nice job capturing this little guy. He is parallel nicely with the camera, so that he seems in focus from head to tail. As for cropping, I think if it were mine, I would crop up from the bottom some (to lose that out of focus bloom), and in from the left to get him a bit off center, then it will just feel like he has room to fly away when he is tired of posing for you. On my screen, it seems a bit bright, so maybe an overall lowering of the exposure. Very nice capture.

Dean that is a neat idea to compare flies and sparrows. There are many different types of sparrows and many different types of flies. I am not sure what type of fly this is but you got a nice photo of it.

I also like Shirley’s idea of cropping by pulling up and in on the lower left corner eliminating the oof fg and moving the fly back to the left in the frame. If that seems too tight to you and you have some room you could also pull up on the top right corner.

Here is a update. I reposition the fly and the cropped since I still had all the frame still. I darken everything just a bit expect the subject

Dean: Your repost hits all the right buttons for me. Good solid capture and presentation. >=))>