Photography. . . the Next Generation. .

My grandson and I went out last evening to a wildlife/nature area not too far from our house. Like pretty much all young people today, he does enjoy his cell phone, and playing video games, but he has also developed a love of nature, and greatly enjoys getting out taking pictures with grandpa. How rewarding it is for me to watch him many minutes on his knees striving for the perfect bumblebee or butterfly picture.

I am thrilled to pass along my passion for nature photography. . . To greatly encourage him, and give this young man a wonderful healthy option beyond video games and social media. . .

A thought comes to my mind as I write this, might NPN consider a creating gallery for young photographers to post in?. . . help them develop their love of nature photography, and hone their skills by the gentle feedback from others.


The most perfect combination… a youth who cares and a grandfather who is so rightfully proud of that caring. Please investigate te the young man to send images to Showcase… and look into a photo club near you. His eyes will see our future.

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