Pied Bill Grebe

An early morning image from David Bostock’s favorite location in SW Washington.

Specific Feedback Requested

too saturated? too many distractions?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 1200, 500 PF, f7.1, 1250th, D500, from an open car window

And one of my favorite birds too, David. Well done! I think this is perfect. The head is nicely framed by the greenery, the reflection couldn’t be more sharp. The lighting on the bird is wonderful. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well look at that fluffy little butt! Terrific reflection, too. Such soft light, too. A winner!

I don’t find any distractions. The lighting on the PBG is wonderful and the grebe really stands out from the background, which is quite nice as well as the blue water helps spotlight the grebe and the brown foliage frames it. Excellent image.

David, I love the lighting on this beautiful bird. Those reflections are really nice as well. The colors around him are very complimentary to the subject. Great shot.

Lighting is very nice and adds to the appeal of the image. I don’t find it too saturated and nothing distracts for me. It is in its’ environment.

I like these guys and you captured this grebe very well. Having the blue sky in the water’s reflections enhances the warm tones in the grebe’s plumage and in the reflections of the vegetation . This is fine as presented…Jim

Hi David
I think you nailed it. Love the framing and reflection.

Very nicely done, David. The reflections of the vegetation aren’t at all distracting for me.