Pig with an Earing

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This is actually tafone taken along the central California shore line. When I first saw this, I immediately saw a pig head with an earing. Tafone provides all kinds of abstract possibilities which is why I love shooting it so much. This image is a couple years old but as soon as I saw the weekly challenge this week I knew I had to post this. Otherwise, this image probably would have never seen the light of day. Thanks for the opportunity!

Specific Feedback

Just have fun with this one. Whatever you want to say.

Technical Details

z7ii, 24-70mm lens @47mm, ISO 640, 1/40th, f/11, non stacked, hand held


Hi David,
wow, that looks amazing. It is surprising what nature has to offer in terms of shapes and colors.
And I agree that looks definitely like a pig. Is it then still an abstract image by definition? :rofl:

This area seems to be suitable to spend hours shooting all the beautiful details. Great.

David, the pig’s head with earring show very well. I’m trying to figure out why it has very short red legs…since it’s California, has it been stomping grapes? :grin: