Places of Solitude

I had embarked on a journey years ago, though I didn’t really know then, of finding the beauty hidden in the countryside of Germany. I roamed lonely roads in my VW, stopping, looking, shooting…or moving on. But we all move on don’t we? Life doesn’t give us a choice but every now and then we find a place worth returning to, a place…of solitude.

Panasonic G1/Lumix 14-45mm f/6.5 Adobe Lightroom/Silver/ColorEfex

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This is a great mood setting shot Mark. I really like all of the shapes, curves and bands of light streaking through the trees. Well done.

Thanks Jay! I’m happy you like the capture.


Very fine mood. I can imagine you want to return to this place now and then.
I hope you left your VW often, for we usually find places of solitude on foot , not while driving :wink:

Amen Han! Yes, believe me when I say I got out of the world’s oldest VW and did a serious amount of walking…love hiking.


Very good shot and one that is difficult to control as you haven’t much time.

I too have spent many an hour in the woods but with a gun or bow across my lap. In time the gun was left behind on the pretext of scouting until I just admitted to others and mainly to myself that these scouting trips were my way of looking for something I perhaps had lost or something I want in the future. But then nature in it’s complex yet simplistic way has a way of reminding me “it is not what is behind us or in front of us, but what is inside of us.”.

Amen to that!

A haunting image that’s much in your style.

Thanks Igor! I find places to haunt and they tend to find me.


Misty mystery on the back roads here. Haunting is a good description.