Planet Tenas - Eagle Creek Trail, Oregon

Ok! Haven’t shared any of these yet. I’ve been capturing 360 panoramas in nature settings and on hikes, and have been having a blast creating these unique and psychedelic scenes.

This is created using a 36mp Nikon d810 and Rokinon 12mm Fisheye on a two axis Nodal Ninja and consists of 6 Portrait shots, 1 for the zenith (top) and 2 for the Nadir (bottom) to blend out the tripod.

Total resolution of the file is 29,472 x 14,736 (roughly 434 MegaPixels) so I couldn’t upload the original or I’d break NPN- I really hope to print one of these the size of a wall one day…

I have a whole series of these I plan to share. Feel free to ask questions, give CC ECT

This particular shot is from Tenas Camp, the first campsite you’d hit hiking the Eagle Creek Trail (now closed) in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

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This is fun, Jordan. I like the three-dimensional quality your process lends to this kind of image. It’s like a worm-hole to the sky.

It reminds me of something that used to be a part of an HDR software package–a function called tiny planets, which would make little marbles out of any scene, with just the click of a button.

Of course, this has far more detail, and your approach makes this a manual exercise with lots of aesthetic control. I’m surprised you have not had more replies.

Thanks for sharing it!

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Thanks Marylynne! Yeah - I feel it’s a bit much to take in sometimes for people lol.

This is really creative, wow! I can truly say I’ve never thought I’d trying something like this. Well done!

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Excellent technical execution on this one, Jordan. I’m not one for trick scenes or pure photo manipulation, but this one works very nicely as it is being presented here…:+1:

This is a mind bending and fun image, very clever and technically well done. Love it for your unique take on the landscape.