Playing in the snow

We were so happy with that little bit of snow. It seems these trees were happy too.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is more than welcome,

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
F10, 1/6, +1, Iso 250,

I quite like the image, kind of a tree portrait, but the greenish color cast is not really working for me. No other thoughts.

@Harley_Goldman , Harley, on my calibrated Eizo screen I see no green cast. The color image is made B&W and I put some blue in the whites and some yellow in the grey tones. Maybe that comes over as green at you end. Nevertheless , I am always happy with your comment.


I do like the winter look in this tree scene. I also see the green cast and I am viewing on an EIZO calibrated monitor. I think it is the yellow in the grey tones that is the reason.

@Harley_Goldman , @Alan_Kreyger ,
I have to apologize .) You were both right. I took out the yellow and the blue. See my rework. I learn here that experimenting with colorcast can be interesting. Thank you both !!

Good to see that you got to work with the snow. I would be happy to send you some of our snow so I would have less to shovel. :grin:

I originally assumed this was a color image with a green cast. It makes more sense that it was a B&W image with toning that created the color cast. I am also on a calibrated desktop monitor, and to my eye the rework still has a slight green cast, although much less than the original version. In the rework the whites are more pure, but the grey tones in the tree trunk still looks slightly green. I took your rework into Photoshop and ran the TK Actions Neutralize Color Cast 1 tool applied at 75% opacity, and this rework was the result. This brings it cooler, but with more neutral greys. This may or may not be what you intended to do with the image. What type of toning were you initially trying for Ben, warmer or cooler ?

I agree with @Ed_McGuirk that the repost still has a cast. Ed’s version looks nice and neutral.

@Ed_McGuirk , @Harley_Goldman , @Alan_Kreyger ,
Your comments put me to work on my understanding of color cast. And more controlled changing of light and colors.
Therefore I brought forward "luminosity mask masterclass"videos "39 - 42"by Sean Bagshaw. Videos about luminosity painting. To keep light or color changes in hand. I hope to show you my progress

Again thank you all !! :grinning:

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Great tree Ben, with a lot of character. In your original, you noted “happy” trees, but with the cast it actually looked sad to me. @Ed_McGuirk’s version fixes that :slightly_smiling_face:

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