POLL: Does anyone use tags to filter?

Everyone should be familiar with adding tags to posts since you have to add one in most categories, but have you ever actually used them to filter certain subjects?

You can do this by either clicking a tag to see all posts with that tag, or you can select a tag from the dropdown in a category. For example; in the Avian Critques you can select the tags drowdown to filter by these choices:

Or in the weekly challenge category you can select a tag to only see posts from a certain week:

So, let me know if you actually use these or find them useful:

  • Yes, the filtering is useful
  • I like to see tags on a post so I know what it is, but I don’t use filtering
  • No, pointless
  • No, didn’t know filtering existed

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Let me know if you find the tags useful for the categories you frequent. For example the Landscape category has tags for region, and also by the type of landscape, I can see region being useful, but is the type of landscape (grand, small, night, etc.) important to you?

Can one use filtering to find the EP’s for each week?
or all the images posted by a certain person?


I have not used filtering, but like Sandy, I would REALLY like the ability to filter for particular portfolios.

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Sorry but neither are possible at this time, maybe in the future.


There’s not an answer that best fits for me. I’m slightly indifferent, I don’t look at the tags or use filtering (much) However, I did try and use it for the Editor’s pick in a specific gallery and it generated a question for me, which I posted separately.

Since you asked, I’ll ask a related question on the tags. When you click on the box to select a new tag the text box says “Search or Create”. But we can’t create/add new tags. If we can I don’t know how. Either provide the ability to add tags, or remove the text that indicates we can. :wink: (I do understand that giving users the ability to add their own tags would greatly increase the size and mess of such a list.)

The implementation tags is a catch 22. It could be useful if the tags had defined definitions and the list was a bit more robust. for example, what defines the difference between “type_grand landscape” and “type_small scene”? Is Mono Lake in region_northern CA or region_central CA?

And since at least 1 tag is required, sometimes the user isn’t selecting the best option (I’m guilty.) and so the search results are less meaningful.

Anyway, not a big deal since tags really don’t interfere (or enhance) how I use NPN.


Thanks for the feedback Lon. I’m still looking at the best options for your original question, there is a small bug in the software that is preventing the sorting from keeping the sort by created date in tags, will continue to work on this.

Yes, we don’t want a bunch of random tags created by users, that would be a big mess. I changed the text to read Search… instead of Search and Create… , great feedback!

The difference between grand landscape and small scenes, etc. is what got me thinking about this more and if nobody is using these they might as well go away.

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I don’t want to ignite a debate, but is it possible to add tags to the choices for each category, to indicate the image is “Photo Art” “Altered Reality” “Artistic Rendition” or whatever you want to call it?

I just posted a snowy egret Fractalius image, and the only choice for a tag is the region of the world. I’d like to be able to pull up ALL/ONLY Photo art-type images in each category, and not have to search thru hundreds of straight images to find them.
Thanks -

I answered, “Yes, filtering is useful”, but with the caveat that I do not use regularly.

For landscapes, especially, I do like to see the region where an image was made. This is the tag I search when I do use filtering.

Why create a list? Why have a drop down list?

Why not allow the user to type in the tag they’re interested in? And make it flexible. That would be desirable but if the software is incapable of it then that’s the end of it. I know from working on relational databases for >30 years that data retrieval based on such tags is a piece of cake. But I suspect that the software doesn’t let you change the database schema or even use query languages for data retrieval.