Ponytail Falls, the Aftermath

A first look for me of the Columbia Gorge fire devastation up close…
I did not know what to expect and I can only say this waterfall was on the edge of the inferno,
Eagle Creek, Elowah and others in the epicenter must look amazing…
We may never get to falls like Punchbowl again and Hidden Grotto falls made famous by
Marc Adamus is simply going to be out of the question for years if ever.

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I was wondering how this spot fared in the fire. I’m looking forward to watching the regrowth that’s going to explode in the coming years. Sad that things have changed from how we knew them but excited to watch nature overcome!

Awesome @Dan_Kearl!

That composition certainly minimizes the fire impact for this location. It gives some hope for the recovery.

Really interesting to see the after effects of the fire. I am positive things will grow back. Sometimes it is even better. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing a view of the aftermath Dan. What a tragedy. Given that I live on the east coast, I feel lucky that I was able to visit the Gorge twice before the fire, because you are right many parts of the gorge may never be the same.

I was going to write exactly what Bill pointed out. The healthy colors in the undergrowth tell the story of what will soon happen - even if “soon” is not fast enough in human terms. This is a beautiful and poignant image.