Poppy Drive

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There’s a nice river gorge near where I live up in the Sierra and every once in a while the circumstances are good for a fine crop of California Poppies. I drove the scary, narrow road a couple of mornings ago and stuck gold. This is one of several shots I managed to get. Not only do I like the poppies but I dig how the little road wanders thru the picture. D500, Nikon 18-200 lens, hand held, 1/1000th, f 8.0, 27mm, ISO 720, AI Clear, cropped to 3712 x 5568

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Now that is a classic California, back road scene! I love the old fence, too.

Yeah, it looks like maybe at some point a cow might’ve tumbled over it, aye?

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Love photos with poppies Dave. Having grown up in California, they just make me smile. Thanks for sharing the lovely image.

Quietly dramatic. Your composition allows the road to elevate the image far beyond a poppy shot.