Port of Thessaloniki

Autumn is here, with some cloudy weather and atmospheric lighting. This is a scene I took from a hill next to home at the end of the day, using the last light available. It shows a cluster of ships anchored in the port of Thessaloniki.
I took advantage of the cloudy weather and the low light, to slow down speed and smooth out the water.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
This is a jpeg as shot by Fujufilm’s BW film simulation. Only added contrast to compensate for the fact that this scene is ~10 to 15 km away, and shot at max focal length of 300mm.

@Nikos , I really like the layered look going out into the distance. How cool that the layers alternate dark and light, starting at the bottom and working up.
I also like the foreground, for all its nooks and crannies, resulting in a lot of beautiful texture. Thanks for showing us a view of your home town.

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Hi @Mark_Muller , you are welcome … feel free to reciprocate with views of your hometown too ! :slight_smile:

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Hey Nikos, nice image indeed. I like the cloudy/foggy conditions and black and white is perfect. Great foreground with a lot of interest. Nicely done sir.

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Thank you for your feedback @David_Bostock :slight_smile: