Pouring Forth

We had pretty good conditions this Fall, but it was later than usual. This waterfall is tucked behind “in a holler” off the beaten path and beyond a more substantial named waterfall, but clearly stands on its own.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
D810; 0.5s, f/11, 14mm, plrzr

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Beautiful image. I might crop a bit off the left side.

Concur that it’s a beautiful image. In addition to a little crop from left to remove the encroching leaves, I would crop the right to remove the tree trunk.

Removing the tree in upper right was a good idea. I would do the same for the white water in lower center. These are minor issues. I think you’ve got a wonderful image.

Thanks @Ronald_Murphy and @Michael_Lowe…which leaves would you two consider removing/cropping out? I must say that one of the graphical traits of this image that appealed to me was that the “lead in” lines framed by the yellow leaves were pointing to the falls. Good to know that may not have transferred as intended. Again - thanks you two for your comments!

Hi Jim. I agree totally with your line of thought of the leaves leading into the falls. I was just being super nit picky and talking about the green leaves in the middle left that were creeping in. I cropped them out in my repost of your image. Probably could have just cloned them out also.

Jim, this is a wonderful fall scene, the processing, especially of color looks great. . All those fallen leaves on the ground add such a nice element to the overall story. I like what @Michael_Lowe has done with his rework, getting rid of the trees in the URC helps a lot.

I “get” the idea of the leaves on the left being a lead-in to the center of the image, and think they are an important part of the composition. The only aspect of the leaves on the left that still bothers me in Mike’s rework is the small cluster in the LLC., I might clone those away.


Lovely, intimate autumn landscape with a nice mix of color. I can see and understand the effect of leaves on both sides point inward to the falls, and for that, I think this works as presented. However, there is another element/factor which struck me first - and that is the vertical elements both with the 3 main tree trunks surrounding the falls, as well as the vertical nature of the falls themselves. And for that reason, I too was thinking of cropping both sides as well - the right to remove the trunk on the UR edge and then from the left to remove a bit of empty space (other than the leaves…) So a crop I think works towards emphasizing the trees and the falls rather than the lead-in with the leaves.

Certainly this works beautifully as presented.


Oh! I see now…thanks for the pickup. Missed that…so thanks!

Yea…they’re kinda beat up. Thanks!

Thanks @Lon_Overacker …I’ve been historically resistant to cropping from original aspect ratio - for reason’s I’m not fully aware. It so helpful to have yours and others perspective on this to overcome my resistance.