Presences at dawn

Often I go with my dear little dor along the river at dawn. There is always something nice to see.

Specific Feedback Requested: any help and suggestion

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)
D850; Nikkor 20-70mm at 60mm - 1/250, f/18, ISO 100

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Giuseppe, I love the b/w…great tonal range and the silver processing look definitely adds. I do think it is a bit chaotic however. TME the right 1/3 of the image is very interesting, maybe crop to see although it would mean losing the footprints. Just a thought.

Ciao Mario, thanks for your interest for the photo. It is this what you mean?

Mario I understand and appretiate you point of vew but this is not the image I noticed and liked even if it is messy. What it is right even for my eyes is to cut something up and left that it is useless and only disturbing. This is what my eyes say absolutely personal of course.
Mario it is not a B&W!

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Just my opinion …I do like the rework very much and it maintains your vision. Nice image Giueseppe.

Gigi, I do like how the brighter areas glow. That sets off the shapes very well. I’m trying to figure out who’s tracks those are and wondering if it could be an Otter (however I don’t think otters drag there tails and there’s a clear tail drag line through the tracks. That one blade of grass is an interesting extra.

Mark it coud be a magpie that has a long tail that often touches the ground. Here are common.