Printing your photography

I suspect you would be learning how to place and size objects on the card template in Lightroom or Photoshop. Really all depends on how many elements you add to your card. As mentioned they have good instructions and a video. The RR Pecos Gloss has an ICC profile like all their papers, so processing images for best quality for the card is a breeze. RR provides templates for both Lightroom and Photoshop. They also have the clear plastic boxes or clear individual bags for cards. Whoa, I sound like a Red River salesman! Not actually, just been satisfied with their greeting cards.

Well , this is definitely on my list to learn. I had heard that Red River was the best way to go and you have confirmed it. Unfortunately, I am under a short time deadline as I have so much else going on. Printing many small prints right now for a Christmas show. Decided to be more pragmatic than I was earlier today and take the doggone border off the picture and live with what I get from Shutterfly. For this year - only!!!

Thanks so much for the reply

Kathy. I’ve used Adorama’s printing service for cards without a problem. Their interface is pretty straightforward and service is prompt.

Thanks for that. If I don’t want to print them myself, I will try Adorama next year. Went ahead and ordered from Shutterfly (even though I could not get the border I wanted to include) due to my schedule of needing to get ahead of the curve with the holidays. Two days a week I am pretty much completely out of touch due to the grand baby, so that much less time.

I actually plan to learn to print through photoshop but I really want to do it for my sale photo cards not for high multiples like these Christmas cards are. My daughter and I used to do the christmas cards through print master. I have developed quite a list for the cards.