Pristine Pour Off

This is a photo that I made at Abiqua Falls near Scotts Mills, Oregon.

Most of the time the falls is photographed from inside the alcove, but as I was walking upriver toward the falls this scene opened up before my eyes. :slight_smile:

I took this photo eight years ago, since then the masses have found this place. I’m glad that I was able to go to this place before the moss was wore off the rocks, bonfires built and mud from erosion from people finding their own way here instead of staying on trail. Once Instagram foundthis falls, the rest was history.

The last thing that I had heard was that this location was closed. This is on private land and once the landowner assessed the damage being cause they closed it down. Many who listen to me decry the crowds consider me an elitist or at least no fun at all. In my mind it’s about protecting these places so we all can enjoy them and leaving no trace when you explore them.

It’s been disheartening to see so many beautiful places that I’ve enjoyed all of my life being trampled under foot by photographers or picture takers who claim that they love them, especially over the last ten years or so.

This was made with my old D90.

0.7 sec - f/16 - ISO 100


The reflection is so pristine that at first I thought it was one very tall, two drop falls…:wink: The red tones in the columnar basalt are a fine change of pace from all of the luscious greens. The water and rocks in the foreground make a great lead-in.

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Wow, Gary, this is awesome. What an original and now I guess long lost scene.

I agree with you that our wonderful Oregon is being overun and the environment is being damaged by those who have little respect for mother nature. Actually, that’s happening all over the world…

Nice image, sir.

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It’s sad to hear this area was closed due to misuse, I’m glad I got to visit it. I can’t believe someone would start a bonfire there. But I agree, if it is necessary to protect these treasures then we should.

Excellent placement of the reflection right between the rocks!

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A beautiful picture of yet one more place that no longer exists. It is a worldwide tragedy. I have learned to never state in public where I took a photo, except in the most general terms that I know will not help anybody get there. Some places are easily recognizable and in that case it would make little difference. Others are more obscure and I am doing my part in keeping them safe from Instagram/Facebook/Me-too-for-no-good-reason crowds for as long as possible,

If decrying the mindless selfie crowds is being an elitist, then so be it - I am an elitist too. Some time ago I wrote a piece about precisely this issue: It has not made me many friends, but those would have been friends that I did not need anyway.:sob:

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Gary, Not too often we get to see or even capture such a great reflection of a waterfall. Great job with this one.

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Excellent summation of the situation my friend. It’s hard to deny the effects of the population boom and the dumbing down of our society, unfortunately. We’re seeing the effects all around us. It’s the most obvious to those of us who have experienced the last 50 years.

I rarely draw wisdom from ridiculous Hollywood movies, but I can’t get the movie Idiocracy out of my mind when I think about this. It’s a bit absurd and ridiculous, but the movie’s message is accurate. :wink:

Thank you Lon. It was a pleasant surprise to see when I turned the corner. :wink: