Prokletije Mountains - Montenegro

“Prokletije mountains”
This is the view on the magnificent Prokletije mountains from the 2200m high Komovi mountains in Montenegro.
It was just a classic quick shoot. I used a ISO 200 and f8 because of the strong wind on the top ( I couldn’t stand on my legs :))) ) and the old Canon 70-200 f4 doesn’t have stability so to be sure that my photo will be sharp.

Please any advice about editing or even framing wich i know its basic :slight_smile:
Canon 5Dmk4, Canon EF70-200mm f4L USM at 70mm, f8, 1/1600, ISO200


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A real nice dramatic view with a lot of depth to it. To my eye, the upper sky looks a bit dark compared to the rest of the scene. Otherwise, no suggestions.

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Lol. Perhaps you should tell the viewing members what Prokletije means. I guess people didn’t enjoy crossing these mountains. I never realized this area got so much snow. This is a very impressive scene. I agree with Harley’s comment about the sky.

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So much drama in those mountains; it must be something to experience this in person. I can imagine the wind. In addition to the sky suggestion, you could play with high radius/low amount sharpening to cut some of the haze in the distant range, especially on the right.

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Tnx :slight_smile: Yes I tried to make a bit darker atmosphere these clouds were a bit dark but i burned them a bit more.

Heheh yes sorry I just wrote as everybody knows :slight_smile: Prokletije is mountain range on the border of Montenegro and Albania and one of the most scenic beautiful mountians in the eastern Europe still very wild and unexplored. :slight_smile:

Ohh John the wind was crazy we had some wind gusts 60 - 90km/h crazy crazy… Thank you for the suggestion, to be honest i put a bit of more haze to the light part, I tried with sharper version and I liked this one more. Cheers

What a great view! I love the colours in this image, nicely done.

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I feel what this scene really lacks is a subject. It is hard to know where you want me to look amidst all of the snowy peaks here. Nothing stands out. This is from all of the mountains mainly being the same size, as well as the light being so even. I wish there was some light spotlighting a certain peak or area or an imposing peak rising up above the rest.

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Thank you next time i will focus more on the composition ! Great critique.

Classic or not this is a breathtaking view of some rugged looking mountains, Hrvoje! I am enjoying the side light in the scene along with the drama laden sky. I could see a little cropped from the bottom to make this more of a pano and emphasize the lovely snow covered areas toward the tops of the peaks along with dodging the ULC just a bit. I did a little rework with those thoughts; not necessarily better; just a different composition. This had to be an amazing experience to witness!


Thank you Ed , I like your comments ! I tired same compo as you done here but somehow i liked transition form the dark forest to white snow… :slight_smile:

I actually like the darker sky at the top, as it holds your eye in the frame and focused on those great peaks. =)

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