Pronghorn Fawn and Raven

I had a few unique moments during my spring Yellowstone trip this year, including some encounters featuring behavior or interactions I’d never witnessed before. At the end of one day on tour, we had a flurry of activity highlighted by a shoot with newborn pronghorn fawns. A couple of Common Ravens had flown in and taken an interest in the babies (perhaps detecting some linger afterbirth?), so we had a few moments in which the two species spent some time checking each other out. I’d never seen pronghorn and ravens interact in any way, so this was something different and special.

Canon 1DXII
Canon 600mm + 1.4x
ISO 400


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Cool interaction between the two. Nice to see the fawn staring the raven down, although if they came to blows I think the raven would win. Very nice capture!

Great interaction and wonderful frame! You managed to pull the details very well in the Raven.:wave: