This photo was taken at Shore Acres State Park in Oregon. There is a great diversity of textures and patterns in the rock formations there.

This was taken with my Sony RX10 IV and edited in Snapseed on my iPad.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Chris, talk about repeating patterns! I haven’t been to Shore Acres (on my bucket list!) and have only known it for its big crashing waves. The patterns are so cool, with the little pyramid-triangles on the bottom and left side framing the bigger pyramids-within-a-pyramid in the center. I’m left to wonder how big, or small these features are…I’m going to guess small! Great eye in catching these patterns!

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Chris: I like the color palette and the play of light and shadow on the rocks. Another great find and capture.>=))>

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Thanks, Mark. Yes, the rocks were fairly small. If you go for the huge crashing waves, you won’t get much in the way of rock shots. You want to stay away from that area and well back because rocks get catapulted from the crashing waves. Not that you don’t see people down there. A more calm and sunnier day is better for rock photos.

Thanks, Bill. I’m rather a detail person, so I pick up on stuff like this.

Chris, the colors and the pattern of strong triangles looks great here.

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Thanks, Mark. I thought the triangular shapes were unusual.

Very nice image and I thought It was an aerial at first. My only critique is that the image is a bit out focus in lower part of the frame and is a bit distracting when viewed at full size. Stopping down or changing the angle slightly may have solved this problem. It might also be worth playing around with a black and white version.

Thanks, Matt. Good feedback. I’ll see what I can do with it.